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FEEL yoga facilitator training
focus | engage | experiment | learn

Welcome friends. I suspect you're here because you recognise yoga as an evolving tradition and are looking for training rooted in integrity, creativity, innovation, and autonomy. You want to inspire and facilitate others skillfully and with sovereignty.

You want to lead a new generation of integrative and progressive yoga teachers/facilitators who are heart lead whilst valuing the intersection of Eastern philosophy, Western psychology and neuroscience.

Foreword from your training director
After 20+ years of yoga and meditation practice and 16 years of teaching yoga and training 1000+ people to become yoga teachers, I noticed Yoga being used as a means of escapism instead of being with and being within. This training is not training in escapism; it's engagement, involvement, feeling, learning and action.

Training dates for 2022

April 23
Introduction (10:00 - 12:00) Zoom live call

May 9 - 16, 2022
(In-person, week-long immersion at
Upwey House in Dorset)

Zoom / Live Calls
June 4- 5, June 25, July 23-24, August 20-21, September 17- 18, October 8-9, November 5, December 3

This training is for you if you...

enjoy experiential learning

You prefer experiential learning, like to explore and investigate through sensation and activation.

are a critical thinker

You are comfortable with answers that begin with “it depends.”

You prefer critical thinking and questions that uncover new questions because you understand that learning never stops.

are invested in personal growth

You are invested in genuine inquiry, lifelong learning, open-mindedness and growth.

prefer real-world application

You recognise that there are many perspectives, tools and practices, and you are keen to apply those in real-world situations, social activism and allyship.

want to explore the history and philosophy of yoga

You want to learn about the vast & rich history & evolution of yoga and other wisdom traditions.

are compassionate & empathic

You are grounded in empathy and compassion and actively encourage self-efficacy and diversity.

enjoy a multi-disciplinary approach

You celebrate human variation and value a multi-disciplinarian approach to movement, meditation and philosophy. You embrace concepts from modern somatic psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness research.

Are you ready?

Lead a new generation of integrative and progressive yoga and meditation facilitators.


The F.E.E.L blended learning format

In-person immersion

A week-long in-person immersion at the stunning Upwey House in Dorset (UK). This will be the hub of our learning, connection and experimentation.

We will use the beautiful grounds of Upwey House to engage, experiment and learn.

  • Food and accommodation are included in the price for the duration of your stay.
Live Yoga Classes

On-line & on-demand

The on-demand modules create an accessible and engaging learning experience to support you through the training.

  • Quality modular learning. Content is concise and streamlined to make the most of your time and to enhance your learning experience.
  • Easy to digest prerecorded content. Each video lesson is presented in 45min chunks. With a short quiz so you can consolidate your understanding.
  • Learning that allows for your own schedule and learning style. The on-demand nature of this training provides you with the flexibility to work at your own pace and fit in with your everyday commitments.
In Person Immersion TT

Live calls

After spending a week-long immersion together, we embark on the live calls spread out over six months.

Toni and guest facilitators will continue to provide a modular-based, fresh, practical and experiential education. Together we practice, inquire, discuss, feedback and build knowledge and confidence to teach.

  • 13 days of live calls with Toni Roberts and guest facilitators. (UK time)
  • Each day is made up of 2 - 3 hour workshops morning and afternoon where we continue to learn and inquire together, work through content and guided practices, use break-out rooms and engage in thorough Q&A.
  • Live calls are not recorded.
On-Demand Learning

As a yoga teacher trainer and mentor, Toni has a great ability to deliver complex issues and subject matter in a way that makes them interesting, understandable and thought-provoking. Toni demonstrates excellent group facilitator and leadership qualities, enabling group discussion and managing group dynamics.

Lisa Jaques - Nurse & Yoga Teacher

Meet your facilitators

Toni Roberts is a senior yoga teacher with 16 years of full-time teaching of classes, training, retreats & workshops in the UK and internationally. Together the team brings many years of practice and experience in yoga, movement modalities, Buddhist mindfulness, meditation, yoga therapy, sound therapy, and psychotherapy. 

Toni Roberts
Director of Training

Yoga history, philosophy, asana, movement, pranayama, subtle anatomy, meditation, teaching methodology and the intersection of Eastern & Western psychology & Buddhist mindfulness.


Liz Spears
Marketing & Social Media Coach

Finding your authentic voice amongst the noise. Creating clarity and building your visibility strategy for social media.


David Tipper
Nada Sound Therapy

Introduction to sound therapy & natural resonance. Developing personal practice. Sacred sound & yoga, toning & chanting.


Lokya Yoga Logo

Guest Teacher TBC

More info coming soon

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Why F.E.E.L?

To FEEL is to focus, engage, experiment and learn. To FEEL is to build greater sensitivity whilst fostering the ability to be with feeling. To FEEL is to nurture emotional regulation, healthy; emotional attachment, social interaction, movement, empathy, connection, creativity, empowerment, activism, and growth.



A focused mind is vital, stable, creative, patient, tolerant, clear, insightful and powerful.
We will explore concentration and focusing practices from both the traditional to the contemporary.



Insight without action is useless. Engagement and action are essential in building confidence, providing real-world experience and feedback necessary for change, personal growth, sovereignty and accountability.



Knowledge is created by transforming experimentation and experience, improving conceptual thinking, enhancing creativity, and encouraging open-mindedness, observation, and critical thinking.



To learn is to grow, to feel is to know, to know is to liberate, to liberate is to love.

"Toni's teaching style is hugely encouraging. She builds your confidence to teach in ways that you may never have considered.  Introducing students to different forms of teaching yoga and allowing everyone to grow in their individual styles.  P.S Toni’s Hatha/Vinyasa classes are AWSOME too!!!!!!"

Gabrielle Day - Yoga Teacher

"Toni was my lead teacher at yoga teacher training: she is an amazing teacher, compassionate and kind and her knowledge is incredible! Her teaching had a huge effect on my life."

Silvia Laurenti - Physiotherapist

"Toni has such a huge wealth of knowledge and passion for Yoga and she shares it in a way that is accessible to everyone, whatever your background. I've been lucky enough to go on several of Toni's trainings and would absolutely recommend her to anyone."

Claire McGill - Co-Director at Lushtums

What will I learn?

This multi-disciplinary training respectfully integrates Eastern philosophy and wisdom practices with Western science and psychotherapeutic understanding. We offer a non-dogmatic and collaborative approach to facilitate a training that draws on yoga & modern movement, sound therapy, Buddhist mindfulness, psychotherapy, meditation and yoga therapy. Experimentation and critical thinking are encouraged throughout.

Historical & Philosophical Context

A thorough overview of the history & evolution of yoga and it's application for social responsibility, activism and liberation in our world today.

Teaching Methodology

Learn how to confidently guide yoga postures, movement, breath work and meditation. Through the lens of psychotherapy learn the importance of appropriate, sensitive (trauma informed) and accurate language to promote autonomy and facilitate inclusivity and adaptation in your classes.

Develop personal practice

We will learn and practice together the fundamentals and components of a sustainable yoga and meditation practice.


Learn mindfulness & contemplative practice from the Buddhist tradition and its practical application through awareness, compassion and the path of liberation for all.

Sound therapy, mantra & chanting

Learn about natural resonance, sound therapy, and mantra. Develop your personal sound practice and how to use your voice for mantra and chanting in a class situation. Introduction to working with singing bowls.

Vinyasa based sequencing

We will look at the fundamentals of structuring and sequencing a vinyasa based movement class.

Fundamental Breathing Practices

You will learn both traditional pranayama and contemporary breath work. We will look at the current scientific understanding and importance of breath work support health and wellbeing.

To take a community project from concept to delivery

You will be supported in creating a community project from its conception to delivery. You will be guided and mentored to create something that supports & empowers marginalised and underserved people in your community.

Anatomy of movement

Understand anatomy from an experiential perspective. You'll learn the difference between active and passive stretching, and the importance of mobility and strength for a sustainable practice.

Concentration & Meditation

Explore the rich variety of methodology & practices of focus, concentration and meditation.

Find your voice amongst the social media noise

For lots of people self-promotion feels like a challenge particularly set against the noise of the social media landscape. You will learn how to promote yourself authentically and with integrity.

The importance of radical rest

Understand the nervous system, the importance of rest & relaxation and learn to teach essential practices for balance and wellbeing.

More questions? No problem.

Investment & payment plans

Early bird rate: £3550 until October 1, 2021. £3950 thereafter.
Payment plan options are available for those who need them with a £1420 deposit to secure your place.


Fees include all tuition (in-person on retreat, Zoom, and on-demand), a manual, assessments, certificate, food and accommodation at Upwey House.

Travel expenses to and from Upwey House in Dorset and the purchase of books on the reading list are not included in the fees. Read the training FAQ's and Terms & Conditions.