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An excellent mentor & teacher will not only commit, champion and support you but will hold you accountable for your growth, self-development & practice. A great mentor will not simply tell you what to do, as this only stifles your individual voice & creativity.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a person who has mustered the courage to address their own struggles, recognized those that still exist and need work and have walked down the path of their own healing process. Mentoring is an ongoing process that requires showing up each day, being unafraid to be visible, and understanding vulnerability is your superpower.

Who is mentoring for?

Mentoring is open to those committed to their personal growth, self-responsibility and discovery. The mentee will have completed a minimum of a 200hr yoga teacher training program or equivalent or at least be enrolled in a 200hr (minimum) yoga teacher training.




1hr intensive 1-2-1 session with me (online)

Suitable for addressing immediate and specific needs that require my experience, present-moment attention, guidance, and honest advice, feedback or insight and cannot commit to the full 6-month Bodhi program.

The programme includes any necessary recommended resources: exercises, downloads, worksheets, notes & session recording to get you back on track.

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Order Summary
Scintilla - Mentoring Session

BODHI | £1560

24 x 1hr weekly 1-2-1 sessions with me (online)

Suitable for medium to long-term goals where clarity, process and refinement are essential. As well as reflecting, championing, supporting, empowering, signposting and actioning I will also be here to challenge and shine a light on self-limiting beliefs & behaviour patterns that may be holding you back.

The programme includes email support, recommended resources—exercises, downloads, worksheets, notes & session recordings for review.

Book a 15-minute discovery call to see if this is the right choice for you.


Studentship & Commitment
Toni's take on mentoring

What results can I expect from a mentoring relationship?


  • ​A defined vision as a yoga teacher; getting clear on your mission, message & voice
  • Creating a thriving community around your vision
  • Creating & refining a teaching career that is sustainable
  • Inspiring self-practice and self-study
  • Resourcing for personal growth and teaching


  • ​Navigate & self-regulate; creating your optimal ‘state’ for teaching
  • Skilful communication to meet your client/s individual needs
  • Refinement of observation skills
  • Cultivating a mutual relationship of truth and trust with clients
  • Setting clear, confident & professional boundaries
  • Foster self-care practices and identifying useful & necessary support systems


  • ​The layering of teaching points to multi-level groups
  • Appropriate & population-specific language & cues
  • Working with themes & topics in your classes, workshops & retreats
  • Refining timing, structure and sequencing

    (Specific areas can also be customized to your own personal needs)

What do I love about mentoring?

It’s simple, really; observing and helping other teachers grow their sense of what is possible is a great privilege. Seeing clients grow in confidence and trust in their own process and flourish under my guidance is not only a gift but also the bedrock of my own learning and growth.

When another yoga teacher or student comes forward and says, "‘I’m serious about this yoga malarkey, I want to learn with, and from you." I feel and trust that they are making the practice meaningful and that their future as torchbearers will be helping others on a profound level.

Why work with me?

I love what I do, and I love to see & celebrate people flourishing.

For many years, I've been forging an approach to teaching that comes from a place of true curiosity, inquiry, compassion, and vision. I always encourage questions, and I almost always don't have the answers, but I know you do. We all have answers, and sometimes we just need the right questions to be asked of us.

As yoga teachers, we can often go far beyond what we are told to expect in teacher training. I take a real-world approach to teaching, training & mentoring so that you can be heard, felt and experienced in your own right.

I will create a safe container where you can be honest, explore, ask questions, and dig deep to expose those grey areas that don't really feel like you. Those grey areas of conditioned responses and behaviours holding us back from knowing our value and fill us with fear and imposter syndrome.

We must be resilient and vulnerable, adaptable, consistent, creative and grounded. The self-work it requires to be sustainable as a yoga teacher with these qualities at the forefront requires work - ‘the work’. 

I will honour your inner work, support your self-inquiry, hold you accountable when needed, and guide you on your yet untrodden path. That's exciting stuff; that's the stuff I want to work with.

What does 'Studentship' mean?

Studentship is the backbone of being an effective teacher. As your mentor, I commit to my own studentship, continuing to learn so that I may remain fresh, objective and innovative in my work with you. You, the mentee & I, the mentor, are both immersed in learning, devoted and dedicated to developing the qualities of a great teacher and person. When embarking on a mentoring programme, the foundation is ultimately cultivating a relationship, investment from both involved.

What makes you different to other yoga teacher mentors?

For 16 years, I have been working full-time in the ‘yoga industry’, and as much as I don’t like to put those two words together, the reality is: there is a ‘yoga industry’, and it’s thriving. I have been fortunate to be a part of that growing marketplace, providing high-quality training and mentoring to those that wanted to learn more about yoga and share their passion for it with others.

Eight years into my yoga teaching career, after multiple further training, consistent attendance and commitment to CPD, I completed rigorous training in Yoga Therapy with The Minded Institute. Since then, I have been working as a Yoga Therapist for mental health conditions one to one and in small groups delivering 8-week programmes to manage Stress, Anxiety & Depression.

From 2016 to 2020, I trained as an Integrative Counselor at
Heartwood and I'm now engaged in a further four years of psychotherapeutic training with The National College of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

Yoga therapy, counselling and psychotherapeutic training, in particular, has influenced my 'person centred' approach with; active listening skills and solution-focused processes, integral to effective mentoring & coaching.

For you as the mentee, this means you can be reassured that I commit to consciously paying attention to you, listening to what you’re saying and perhaps more importantly, what you are not saying.