"Toni was my lead teacher at yoga teacher training: she is an amazing teacher, compassionate and kind and her knowledge is incredible! Her teaching had a huge effect on my life "
- Silvia Laurenti, Physiotherapist



Hello, my name is Toni Roberts and this next few paragraphs is my chance to give you an idea of who I am, what motivates me to do what I do and offer what I can as a compassionate and sensitive human being in this world. This is my honest and heartfelt introduction.


I'm a mum to a beautiful, intelligent and thoughtful little girl. She is undeniably the apple of my eye and my ongoing inspiration and motivation. I take my role as a parent, role model and educator of a young person growing up in this crazy, beautiful and challenging world, seriously. I am in part responsible for helping to shape her mind and world view, and help support her in finding her own way to be a fully functioning, fully integrated, open minded, fearless woman within her local community and the world community as a whole.


I am a self-employed illustrator, web designer, yoga teacher & I have completed 4 years of training as an Integrative Counsellor.


I grew up in a rural town (was more of a village back then) in the heart of the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex, UK. As a child I played outside a lot with friends, building tree camps and rope swings in the woods and forest that surrounded our housing estate. When not outside, I was always drawing and illustrating, this eventually turned into my full time career.


In 1995 I went to the University of Westminster in London to study a BA (hons) in Illustration in London, drawn to the bright lights and big city and the possibility of forging a truly creative career.

I am also a senior yoga teacher with 15+ years of teaching yoga to groups & individuals in a range of formats; yoga classes, workshops, CPD's, yoga teacher training, corporate yoga, yoga retreats and 1:1 private sessions and mentoring.

I have a passion for mental health focused work because I know that, not all suffering has visible scars or injury.

I have first-hand experience of PTSD and its best friends, depression and anxiety. As a result, I also have first-hand experience of how to manage the rough seas that these challenging mental states can bring.


As a naturally sensitive and empathic woman, I have struggled at times to find my sense of purpose; yoga, running, surfing, rock climbing, mindfulness and talking therapies have all helped to support me over the years. I have learned and I am still learning, how awareness, acceptance, gratitude, love and compassion can turn these fluctuating states of mind into my super-power. 

"Love; Toni's teaching, her zest, endless knowledge, her guiding light for other teachers and students, she's a real and authentic being x"
- Faye Brunning, Yoga Teacher

It's not unusual to gravitate towards the helping professions when you yourself have experienced suffering and the relief from suffering. Suffering whether physical or mental is a rich and fertile ground for learning, deciphering and fostering new perspective, and new ways of being to feel fully functional, purposeful and live a life full of integrity and meaning.

As a professional illustrator and web designer I have an innate drive to be creative which naturally carries over into my work as a counsellor and yoga teacher. Creativity is in my blood and I will always endeavour to find new and creative ways to support my own and others wellbeing.



“My week with Toni in Corfu last summer was truly amazing. Toni’s teaching style ticked all my boxes, thorough, professional and expertly executed. Her super sense of humour and personality made me feel at ease. The balance was perfect - one gained a sense of spirituality and grounding.”

—  Katie Witherspoon, Sussex, UK

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