“My week with Toni in Corfu last summer was truly amazing. Toni’s teaching style ticked all my boxes, thorough, professional and expertly executed. Her super sense of humour and personality made me feel at ease. The balance was perfect - one gained a sense of spirituality and grounding.”

—  Katie Witherspoon, Sussex, UK


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JUN 2020


Welcome to Lokya Yoga, a name derived from the Sanskrit word describing; a space that is conducive to freedom and the attainment of a better world.  Using this idea as the foundation of our ethos, Lokya Yoga  aims to provide people with the tools and skills to build and embody greater self-awareness, intuition, self-confidence, mental & physical resilience and a sense of freedom that fosters true wellbeing for the benefit and flourishing of all.

Toni Roberts is the creator of Lokya Yoga (and Lokya Yoga Retreats); a senior yoga teacher & yoga therapist, yoga teacher trainer, mentor and integrative counsellor. Toni's passion lies in supporting people in navigating the highs and lows that life inevitably brings, through the skilful and appropriate application of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, mentoring & counselling.

Toni and Lokya Yoga deliver healing practices and methods to help others feel safe, heard, supported and able to make informed choices. Toni feels this is where we as humans can truly harness our greatest potential for creativity, compassion, kindness, purpose and joy.

With regular group yoga classes, 1:1 yoga (private sessions), corporate yoga, and yoga therapy courses to support mental and emotional wellbeing, and various workshops across the UK, Lokya Yoga offers many opportunities to experience wellbeing.


Toni is principal teacher trainer and guest teacher for a variety of yoga teacher trainings (200, 300, & 500hr) and also offers workshops & CPD's to facilitate and enable others in sharing and passing on these invaluable tools to people throughout their own communities.

The overarching aim; to create a safe space for people to embrace and connect to themselves, to each other, to feel nourished, liberated and filled with a deep sense of purpose and to thrive within their own community. In this way each one of us can help to attain a world with less fear, greater awareness and compassion.